Trondheim Triatlon 21.8.2016 FOTO: OLE MARTIN WOLD

Trondheim Triatlon 21.8.2016

The fifth edition of Trondheim Triathlon will be on Sunday, August 27th, 2017. Registration opens Sunday, November 27th, 2016.  The event is a yearly beacon for triathlon in the north of Norway. Trondheim Triathlon is an event for anyone who enjoys varied training and wants to have a phenomenal goal for the summer. The beautiful course features swimming in the fjord from Munkholmen, cycling along the pebble beaches of Trondheimsfjord, and running along the river Nidelva.

Trondheim Triathlon A to Z

Doping Anti-Doping Norway may select participants for inspection. Inspectors must show photo ID. Read more about doping inspection here.

Drinking stations There will be two drinking stations on the run portion of the race. There will be one drinking station at Festningsparken. The other drinking station will be at Øya, and participants will pass by it twice – on the way to and from the fortress. At the drinking stations you will find water, juice, and bananas. The drinking stations are thus at approximately 4, 6 and 8 km along the running course. Participants are also encouraged to bring and consume adequate food and drink after swimming – on the bike, in the transition area before the run.

Late entry There are no late entries. Volunteers/Officials Volunteers with high visibility vests will be present along the course. Instructions from the volunteers shall be obeyed, and remember that the volunteers are there to make your participation possible.

Did not finish (DNF) Participants who have to leave the course and are unable to finish the competition must immediately inform the closest volunteer and return their timing chip to officials at the race secretariat.

Race information Detailed information will be available and updated on this webpage. An additional compulsory informational meeting for participants will be held on Saturday, August 26th. The meeting will present updated information about particular conditions the participants should be aware of before the race.

Cut-off times Participants who have not reached completed the swim course in 1.5 hours, or have not completed the cycling course 3.5 hours after the start, will not be allowed to finish.

Finish line Finish times are registered when participants cross the finish line. Timing chips shall be returned to the race officials immediately after finishing. Failure to return the timing chip will result in a 200 kr fine.

Lost and found Forgotten items will be held by officials for 2 weeks after the event. Contact the organizers by phone at 97953910 to retrieve lost and found items.

Protests Participants may register formal protests against other participants, penalties, or results. A written protest must be in the hands of the head race organizer within 30 minutes after finishing the race. A 100 kr fine will be levied against protests which are not upheld by the jury. The race’s jury with process protests in a normal way and share the result with the protester at the race site. The jury’s decision is final.

Reimbursement of the race registration fee There will be no reimbursement of registration fees.

Results RaceTracker will be responsible for the timing services. RaceTracker provides live online updates. Notification of errors in the results must be given to the race secretariat within 30 minutes of the posting of results. The final results list with splits will be available from the race website.

Safety and security Participants are responsible for themselves and their own equipment. Volunteer guards will look after equipment and participants, in addition to kayaks and boats with qualified medical personnel. Safety is our top priority, and your cooperation is necessary. Follow the course regulations and all traffic rules. If you see another participant who is in need of assistance, you are required to stop and help. You will be rewarded with a time deduction and a clean conscience. If there is a minor accident or you must drop out of the race, please inform a volunteer immediately. In the case of serious injury, contact 113.

Transition area Bicycles shall be placed in the transition area at specified locations according to bib number. All equipment except for water bottles, helmet, running shoes, and cycling shoes shall be placed in the provided bag. The bag shall be placed on the bicycle during check-in. During the competition, additional equipment, such as wetsuits, running shoes, helmets, sunglasses, etc, must be placed within the competitor’s own transition area, such that it is not in the way of other participants. The transition area is guarded from check-in until check-out, and participants must present their bib number in order to retrieve their bicycle and equipment after the race.

Litter Littering is forbidden and is punishable by immediate disqualification. Gels, wrappers, bottles, etc shall be carried along after use and thrown away in garbage bins or in marked areas in the transition area.

Water temperature We expected water temperature in the fjord of approximately 14 degrees Celsius. Read more about swimming in cold water here.

Waiting list There is no waiting list for registration.

Weather restrictions In the event of conditions on race day which affect the execution of the event, organizers may modify the competition (for instance, shortening the swim or holding the event as a duathlon – only cycling and running). If the event must be modified or cancelled due to weather or course conditions, or other unforeseen conditions (Force Majeure), the organizers retain the full registration fee. If the event is cancelled prior to the race weekend, organizers may retain 50% of the registration fee.